From a gastronomic dinner in a Monastry in South-France, to fishing lobsters in the South-Africa’s Diamond coast , experiencing an helicopter flight over the Dusky Sound in New-Zealand or Filming a lioness and her cubs with an award-winning videographer, we offer your clients unique and distinctive travel experiences around the world. They are created by a passionate adventurer who love to redefine what travel can be.

They will get behind the scenes,  further into the cultural gems. Bypassing the mainstream tourist circuit, travelling by small plane and four-wheel drive, vintage sailboat and bike or foot.

Meet our passionate hotels owners with stories to tell : wildlife lovers, conservationists, photographers, poets, adventurers, keepers of traditions, artists, architects, writers…

Our goal is to enhance the travel experiences with colors and contrasts, traditions and heritage, history and magic where you soak in the destination.

It leads your customers, such as families, couples or solo travellers to live, in conscience, a life-enriching experiences, in the heart of Europe or in countries like South-Africa, Mozambique, North-America, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, New-Zealand, India, Burma or Uzbekistan just for an example ! Countries that needs expertise, guidance, hand-picked and trusty partners.

Please click on the itinerary below for a sample and insight of our tailored production :

Like A Bushman in South Africa

The Beats of India

Wines & Flights in New Zealand

California Dream

Constrast of South-France