Aurélie Gérardin – Founder of Revealing Trip

Crafting the perfect Tour experiences requires understanding people and cultures !

Revealing Trip Production

Revealing Trip Production provides high-end turnkey experiences and journeys for Tour Operator and Niche travel agency, as true revealers of a country and oneself.

Owing to abundance of destinations and ever-evolving traveller’s clients aspirations, professionals need to constantly enrich and reinvent their offers !

During this troubled period, it is urgent to accelerate changes in your production, to reset your tour products to face new challenges :

Generate desire to perpetuate the commercial activity,

Prepare for tomorrow’s travels with adapted products for 2024,

Reassure the future travelers who will escape differently,

Engage in more responsible and virtuous tourism, rather than a simple “return to normal”.

We need to reinvent Travel !

Production and Destination Specialist

Revealing Trip Production helps you to (re)define your travel and experiences offers for solo travellers, family gathering or romantic duet.

We design and implement rare and ultra-local journeys on behalf of professionals, celebrating authentic cultures, natural wonders, and people around the world.

Our tours and experiences mixes seamlessly discoveries and inclusive encounters in unique places, with the privilege of high-end comfort, a prefect blend of culture & luxury.

We help you uncovering the various aspects of a region, seeking the ultimate travel experience, to redefine what travel can be.

In short, we are Freelance Product Manager & Destination Specialist, for Tourism professionals who wish to externalized their tour production ! And a proud member of  Away We Go Collective.

Experiences and creativity are the only  limits. Do you need our help to re-boost your luxury production ?