My name is Aurélie Gérardin.
Before going at the heart of my services I would like to explain what brought me there. I made my first trip at the age of 15.
I went to visit a friend in New York during the summer.
And I experienced flying alone, nowness, discovering a new life,
Through a new city.
It was an amazing travel !
Before doing my dream job, I first studied communication.
Then I worked, in :
in Press Relations, in Publishing, And in Events.
All this allowed me to understand that I am talented
In organization and communication.
Mixed with the fact that I love traveling …
It gives … Tourism !
I then traveled and lived around the world.
It’s a great life ! Why ? Never the same place, Japanese for a month, living an American season, or a nomadic week in New Zealand, 3 days in a mega-city : so many lives in one !

What I preferred during these experiences was the job of Product Manager : The person who creates the trips, who imagines them, who invents them and then realizes them … Tailor-made.
Today I will continue to do this job,
But now as a Consultant and Entrepreneur !

My previous experiences : Key Account Manager for at Private Safaris in Cape Town, I led a team to operationalize and to quote succefully all agent requests. During this experience I sourced and designed new creative tour products in South-Africa and Mozambique for a major french T.O account, while controlling margin on programs and improving operational process.

Earlier, as a Product Development Manager at Marvel Tours in India, I implemented new itinerarties and activities for US and European market and participated at the marketing plan implementation through a new website and social media.

Also Project Manager at a french based luxury Tour-operator and Travellers Made partner, I designed and produced tailor-made luxury FIT tours and all around the world tours. In this role I created customized travel packages in the finest 5 stars hotels ( Client’s budget average from 10K to 80K per person for a trip with private jets or luxury trains).

That’s MY journey.

And now I would love to know more about your last travel ! What color did you remember the most or which intention did you set for this trip ?