Once this unexpected break is over, you will deserve a private sun and azure treat on Degaby Island, calm and peaceful in the heart of the harbor of Marseille, yet so hectic …

In just a few minutes by boat from the old port, picnic basket packed in hand, you will approach the island built under Louis XIV, then bought from a wealthy Marseille industrialist who offered it to the artist Liane de Gaby with whom he was in love and which bears his name since … On site you will not miss anything: 1000 m² of white rocks for you alone, beach sofa mattress, cocktails and even a SPA (subject to availability). Take advantage of this great private dive into the deep blue, under the sun, in pursuit of happiness, in a luxury size !


How does it work to book?
As simply as possible, you send me an email: aurelie@revealingtrip.com